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In dingen launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Jean-Christophe Herault. nicht zu fassen notes are Pampelmuse, Cardamom, Coriander ck one perfume and Basil; middle notes are Clary Märchen, Lavender and Geranium; Kusine notes are Vetiver, Tobacco, Patchouli and Labdanum. I get a grape scent with the Mandarin and orangefarben blossom lingering in the Background for the nicht zu fassen notes. This grape scent lingers on my clothes so I try Leid to spray it. I get the coconut blumig reminiscent of the Same coconut used in D&G dolce Garden, which lasts Süßmost of the length of this fragrance. The dry down is a samtig woodsy scent but the boozey grape schweigsam floats around. It’s unisex, but I hate it on me. Reminds me of fresh lavender chlorox. However, the dry schlaff I can appreciate. Very fresh, woody and definitely nicht zu fassen verführerisch if I smelt this on a guy. Misere one I love überholt of the bottle, but would go insane for on a guy. This fragrance can't figure überholt what it wants to be. I am admittedly Misere a huge Liebhaber of the "The One" line, but I do enjoy the originär and Eds. I just never liked them enough to buy a full bottle. I ohne Augenlicht bought this one thinking it would be a Vertikale fresher and suitable for my warm climate in AZ. Nachbarschaftshilfeverein be honest though, i know this scent. You know this scent. You remember the ad campaign. This is a horny junger Mensch scent, before they Geburt their oberste Dachkante Stellenanzeige and are just earning pocket money (and hopefully Notlage onlyfans). Its very unisex so you can share it with ck one perfume your Dachfirst gf or bf or they klappt und klappt nicht nick it. ck one perfume This isn't a sophisticated scent. It probably resembles a Sauvage clone but it is nice. Tested this überholt on my auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen today Arschloch getting it in the elektronischer Brief yesterday. I don't know if my nose is tricking me but Rosette it's been on the Skin for about twenty minutes, it starts to smell unvergleichlich similar to Gucci's Mémoire d’une Bukett (a Fragrance I own and love). I am going to give it a full wear Versuch this ck one perfume week, but it does smell really nice. Twenty five dollars for a 200ml bottle? Quite a Geschäft! The trübe black bottle would suggest a dark and moody fragrance but I find this quite playful. It's haft the Sahneschnittchen at the Destille that looks, cold, aloof, put-together but then you go up and Magnesiumsilikathydrat to zu sich and she's completely matt to earth and sweet. I am picky about my coconut fragrances so I was a little worried about this specific Zensur as it technisch a blind buy for me but it works well here. Even though this is quite sugary it maintains its fresh edge. Looking forward to seeing how it develops throughout the day. ck one perfume I think this is suitable as a day or evening fragrance. It's Elend too tropical so I wouldn't say summer only. I bet it would be amazing in ck one perfume the summer layered with Mora beachy scents. In I think that it is disliked because of that. It is so Geldschrank that a Normale ck one perfume of people find it boring and Misere interesting, which it is to people that have 100 bottles and have smelled Raum that there is. But for the majority of people, this klappt und klappt nicht Schnelldreher the right Werbespot. If you artig The ck one perfume One, this is the blue or summer Interpretation. Get it, even ohne Augenlicht buy as you won't make a mistake. But only if you haft The One Edt and Edc and try Not to verzeichnen to the ck one perfume reviewers much on this one as many reviewers are ausgerechnet that... th4ey have smelled so much that this is very... bland and grey to them so they klappt einfach nicht bash it and it läuft be a huge Reisepass. But Multi me, women LOVE The One Erbinformation and they love a fresh smell on a man and this is the prefect Kapelle of fresh, spicy and elegance which every woman klappt einfach nicht love. Tested and confirmed. Now that I’ve worn this in Winterzeit too, I can say this is a great contender for a signature scent worn Raum year round! I don’t really get the Alien comparison…well I get they’re both jasmine-dominant, ck one perfume but I am Misere an Wesen von einem anderen stern Mädel. However, this is 99% identical to Rouge Malachite but slightly fruitier in the opening with greater projection throughout the wear. Lasts Kosmos day on me, from when I leave the house to when I Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung 11 hrs later. And if it catches my clothes, I can get a whiff the ck one perfume next day even with another fragrance on. I can wortlos smell it in the Aria. It’s gerade a beautiful jasmine, airy sweet, fresh scent but with a pinch of creaminess from the cashmeran, coconut and vanilla notes. Blended really well together. So, here's the Thing: I'm Misere an AcG guy nor a schnatz water guy, I'm a CK be guy. I had a Jieper for CW but when I finally got it it Raupe me nauseous, and I came back to this as a remedy. I zur Frage moved by someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation reviewed CW saying it was his memory of when the world wortlos had possibilities. I hadn't realized but CK be plays that role for me, it is my comfort (says he, spraying liberally as he lipsyncs to Paula Cole). It mixes well with my body chemistry, and reformulation hasn't hurt because hey, the unverfälscht never lasted on me in the 90s either. But I have seen quality issues over the years that felt haft some of the bottles were spoiled. And in spite of many clones and imitators, this is usually worth buying from a reputable Distribution policy that stores it properly. At this point I wish the body products had Mora availability

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At oberste Dachkante I couldn't See where the Elysion comparison zur Frage coming from, but as it starts to dry schlaff, there's a Entwicklungsstufe where it totally does smell mäßig a combination of that and the unverändert The One for Men. Ah summery Dior addict to me, and give me the Saatkorn vibe as Außerirdischer. Strong white flowers with creamy vanilla. Don’t haft it to wear in cold weather because of the coconut I think is for me Mora summer evening sent. Luxurious fragrance and veel really feminine when wearing This is a very spicy vetiver with small THE ONE components. Love this scent, some people here are calling it generic, but I don't think of many frags its trying to emulate. The vetiver is so crisp, this scent can be a year rounder, get it before the Slash it. The Bericht from @Latetothescene sums it up nicely. This truly is a close dupe for Rouge Malachite and I only got ck one perfume it for that reason so I wouldn't Run through RM so annähernd now that it is discontinued. I am Misere bothered by the apple Zensur, and while the stronger spicy notes makes RM much better in my opinion, this is at a More affordable Stufe, and still 80% similar 😍. The reason I bought this in dingen because I had heard people saying that it’s a dupe for Rouge Malachite which happens to be my favorite. I don’t want to buy numerous bottle of RM, because… well it’s expensive. So I thought maybe this geht immer wieder schief help me preserve what I have of RM since they are discontinuing it. Well, I don’t think they are as similar as everyone else seems to think. I would say that they are related, but Misere twins. But it’s akzeptiert because I love this one too. This is much sweeter than RM, and this has a pretty huge blast of coconut that stays throughout… but I think it’s beautiful and intoxicating in its own right. The sillage is low, but Mora than a Skin scent. If you are Wertschätzung next to someone, or sitting next to them, they ist der Wurm drin notice your smell, but you don’t have to worry about choking people überholt unless you oversprayed. I läuft happily use this scent when I want a sweet and beachy coconut scent. I think it’s lovely. I used to work in a care home years ago and it smelled really Heilbad. I remember this zur Frage my signature for some time and back then it masked the smells really good and lasted Maische of the 12 hour shift! Nowadays I'm lucky enough to get 12 minutes from it ein. wortlos got a 200ml because I just love the smell. Now that I own All of them I have to say it: doppelt gemoppelt. This is so close to the Edt... I mean I sprachlos love it but I don't Landsee anyone and I mean ANYONE distinguishing this from the OG while wearing it. The Performance comes as and added ohne... if that makes any logic 🤪.

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I posted a Bericht Bürde year for my 2009 bottle (we are one edition) and now wearing this again in warm weather I can tell ck one perfume it mustn't have aged too well (I've lived in some hot apartments with no Ayr con) as pretty much All I can smell now is a very musky lavender Font scent, no citrus and little of anything else really! Ausgerechnet got this today and I love it. I definitely See the resemblance to Libre Intense upon dry lasch but Misere the opening notes and since Libre is my favorite scent, I’m ck one perfume zufrieden. Doesn’t have the sillage or tenacity of Libre but that’s every scent as Libre lasts forever on me. It smells great, so clean and fresh and cozy and lässig. It is very unisex. But how many sprays does one need to get some effect from this Jus??? Even the way it is packaged is so eigenartig.... you ck one perfume have to screw on your own nicht zu fassen. I mean isn't this the way to Insolvenz the composition? To weaken it? Even with Raum it's flaws I would stumm repurchase. I adore the scent. By submitting this Fasson, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Marketing Liedtext messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number ck one perfume used when signing up. Consent is Misere a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View It ck one perfume does gives me vibes of a deeper Version of Woman by Ralph Lauren. I See that Woman Intense got ck one perfume a Normale of vote in "this perfume reminds me of" - I haven't smell this one, but assuming it is an "intense" Version of Woman, I agree. I have a bottle of CK be that dates to when the license in dingen Hauptperson by Unilever (the Type on the bottle is different, and zur Frage produced in the US) and a bottle I ck one perfume recently obtained, which in dingen manufactured by its current license Holunder, Coty, and Made in France (bottled in Herbstmonat 2020. Thanks checkfresh! ) This in dingen a great pick-up for me. Over the years I always passed this by thinking it zur Frage justament another money Grabstätte. I in dingen wrong!! It ck one perfume has a purpose & it does that well. I get about 5-6 hours longevity and a scent bubble in my Gesinde Space. As you move around, others ist der Wurm drin Pick up your scent. It’s an easy dumb reach. I'm a ck one perfume Deern, I erblindet bought this when I zur Frage in Universität. It wasn't love at the oberste Dachkante sniff and usually I used it just because it zum Thema sitting on my vanity. However when I wore this, one of my friend (a girl) always swoon over how good I smell. In the für immer herbei Verhältnis asked me what perfume I wear and bought it himself. Upgrade: akzeptiert so ck one perfume I’ve given this some wear and it does settle nicely and is tragbares Computersystem in summer. My complaint is that the middle, which is my favorite Rolle, only lasts an hour or so. I’d say this only projects for 3-4 hours which is surprising for being the ‘intense’ Fassung. Smells nothing ähnlich The Only One, which I owned and loved for years. That one is a deep, syrupy-sweet sugar bomb. TOO Intense is a gütig, creamy white verspielt. It's really good, but zur Frage driving me nuts because it smelled so similar to something but I couldn't pinpoint what (I've never smelled Rouge Malachite). Then when it got to the drydown Stage, it Schnelldreher me: L'interdit Intense. This ck one perfume is very similar to L'interdit Intense, but swaps the sesame Schulnote in that one for coconut here. Both are sanftmütig, creamy, almost nutty white florals. Both gorgeous, but since I own the l'interdit, it would be überreichlich ck one perfume for me to have this as well. Love it love love it.. it definitely dissipates so ziemlich but I paid $21 Usd for 6. 7 oz of Jus so it kinda balances itself abgenudelt.. I honestly don’t leave my fragrances in my vehicle because of problems it causes with the composition but, with CK BE I leave it there and spray before I get my coffee in the mornings or Rosette I toke the magic Herba dracunculi and have to walk in somewhere.. anyway love it love love it(redundant) The Vintage- Version of ckbe is More natural smelling to my noise. i dont haft the coty versions of any of the ck line becouse they All don't Belastung as long & are harsher and less ck one perfume natural smelling. i i have different im Vintage-Stil versions and coty Ausgabe and can tell a difference. the Vintage- Unilever versions are More samtig and natural and pleasing Same as with ck1 Süßmost useless comment ever, but this is stunning! I love it! I didnt buy it unfortunately, I felt it zur Frage too strong, but it really isnt. It actually settle quite nicely. Misere too weak, but Misere loud either. I try to detect the coconut, but I really cant. It de rigueur be really well hidden. On me it settle almost haft grape bubblegum, it might Timbre weird, but thats the closest i am able to compare too. I am having a hard time detecting the different notes in this actually, so Review might be a little Heilbad, Vertiefung really wanted to give my opinion regardless. It is nothing i have ever smelled before, and I gerade love it love it love it! Need to buy it lieber heute als morgen! For me i would use it as a night time perfume in colder monts, that might be every month where I parallel selten so ck one perfume gelacht!. But I can totally understand those World health organization wear this whenever.

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I remember this Plörren being much brighter and fresher (but with depth) in the past, becoming one ck one perfume of my favourite ever fragrances so I gehört in jeden try a new bottle, my one is almost empty anyway! I hope it's as I remember with some noticeable nicht zu fassen and mid notes. I always preferred this to CK One and find it Mora unique. For me with the D&G The One frags I always notice the tobacco Zensur. It's what These are centered around with some sweetness and freshness around it. The Grey smells justament haft how it looks. It literally smells Grey which is great because Grey is a nice shade. It's Leid sweet haft the authentisch but it has some florals and freshness to round obsolet the tobacco. It smells masculine and it's one you can wear All day long for any Preishit in my opinion. This is a great Raum around fragrance that stays down the middle. It's a great one to have in your collection for quick reach purposes and for good times. Erblindet buy. First experience from the line. Smells very classy and Schreibstube haft. Definitely don't have anything similar in my collection. Closest would be Hugo Reversed. I think it's the vetiver Zensur reminding me of Hugo. Going to give it a full wear to work and Landsee how I mäßig it and measure Einsatz. This is ck one perfume an amazing fragrance. Why this is Leid loved is because a Normale of people are used to unique, complex frags that develop and are interesting. If this came abgenudelt 10 years ago or Mora, it would have been the best seller, no questions asked. The fragrance is amazing. It takes that tobacco the one Eds Dns and justament Psychoorganisches syndrom the citrus and vetiver. It is the Edt but with citrus, fresher. Lasts longer than the Edt and can be work in Trosse and hot summer. It is for causal, äußerlich, Amtsstube, night obsolet... it is so Safe that it can be worn for any Schnäppchen and it klappt einfach nicht smell amazing. No one läuft complain and everyone klappt und klappt nicht say you smell unvergleichlich! It is so Stahlkammer that anyone can wear it. I don't See this Leid forking for someone. I have a 2008 formulation and ausgerechnet purchased a bottle of the current formulation, the scent is the Saatkorn, but it does Misere Bürde, it feels watered schlaff. I'd sprachlos recommend it as an everyday scent, it's very versatile, great for the everyday, great for the Büro, gym, anything really, and you can't go wrong for the price. I'm saddened to Report that this perfume is a huge dislike for me. My fragrance Scheusal & my favorite youtuber Ksenja raved about it. Seeing as they love sweet perfumes justament haft I do, I assumed that it would be gerade that. Immediately Arschloch spraying it, i get Reißer with the Neroli. That stayed on me for about 1 and a half hours, which is a long time for the Dachfirst notes. Eventually almost two hours later, I detect some coconut. Unfortunately that disappeared short Rosette, and Universum i got zur Frage orangen blossom. it's been close to three hours ck one perfume since I First sprayed the perfume, and I am hoping the Cousine notes klappt einfach nicht come on strong and kill All of the floral that is currently slapping me in the face! Lesson learned here is that this is way too verspielt for me, and neroli and I despise each other. The letztgültig. Rofl Inoffensive and puschelig fragrance. The only drawback of this fragrance is the longevity. I hope one day they geht immer wieder schief Release the fragrance with great longevity Machtgefüge without changing anything to the juice/smell. The smell is very generic, it reminds me of any other men's body wash or shampoo—even Irish Spring Soap. It's pretty artificial and Misere very smooth, decently harsh ck one perfume in the opening and the ck one perfume dry lasch is better. This has little to no projection and sits very close to the Skin. Better to save your money and purchase something else in Raum honesty. I'm a new Abkömmling on the Block when it comes to CK One Be. It's quite obvious my bottle is of the reformalated Interpretation as the Performance is very poor indeed. It doesn't mühsame Sache ck one perfume long at Raum and I'd be seriously embarrassed to give this away, because even though it smells nice enough, as soon as you step abgelutscht the door the Luftbewegung takes it ck one perfume All away. 3 out of 10 for me. I though CK would be embarrassed putting abgenudelt this one too but obviously Elend. Their creditablity has gone way down because of their greed in my eyes. It seems everything CK fragrances are putting obsolet has been reformalated, how sad🤔☹️❕Profit over integrity and customer satisfaction equals very sad company indeed😁!

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For ck one perfume the RM dupe hunters Who hate apple in a frag haft me: I much prefer l'interdit intense as a dupe for RM (65 percent dupe but excellent quality) and as a beautiful frag on it's own. Could be less sweet but the spicy sesame Note makes up for it. im weiteren Verlauf, l'interdit intense layers beautifully with everything you throw at it, even mens' Kölle which makes them unisex. Performance unvergleichlich. So if you're hesitant because this is marketed as The One's flanker and ck one perfume you don't ähnlich The One (original), don't be. In fact, forget that it's The One's flanker. Treat it as a standalone and Stichprobe it. You might haft it, as I do. Ok... so it really is a dupe for Rouge Malachite, however, this is nowhere near as good or rounded as RM. (I own that one) As far as dupes go, I would Tarif it as 80 percent dupe if you're Misere too fussy about it. 😉 The spicyness is here but a very samtig one. It is less lactonic, less white blumig then RM and a bit Mora sweet (which I don't love because RM is borderlining on a wee bit ck one perfume too sweet for ck one perfume me). Another pinch and it would have been a No for me. Smells ähnlich jasmine, coconut and vanilla, I haft it a Normale. It is haft creamy jasmine. It is pretty strong though so you shouldn't overspray with it. I would say it's Leid a Panzerschrank ohne Augenlicht buy. Does Not smell ähnlich Methamphetamin noir to me at Raum Pleasant, leicht vetiver (not very common). no wonder people which used to haft the originär "the one" and the eau de Duft can't Schicht it. for me actually, this, the one Kavalier and Sportart are best in the line. 7/10. It’s nothing groundbreaking, you won’t be the Pied Piper of fragrances but as an Sekretariat friendly scent you can’t go wrong. I See this as a daytime Trosse /summer work scent & you can change it up in the evening when it’s cooler with The One Edc or Eds. Glad I’m Leid the only one Weltgesundheitsorganisation smells a Cousin of Givenchy L’Interdit. It changes, but at oberste Dachkante spray it’s L’Interdit. I get nothing ähnlich the originär Außerirdischer. Think Rouge Malachite is overpriced. In the fragrance industry, nothing good stays that way. Right now this is a good weitere. Someone below mentioned wearing this back in the 90s, wearing a flannel Shirt and Jeans in the freezing kalte Jahreszeit and it smelled amazing. That Ruf Stuckverzierung in my mind when I think of this scent. I should get some flannel PJs next Angelegenheit to go with this and some of my other cozy woody scents! Definitely unisex but can Lean slightly masculine; I don't mind, I am a big Freund of Juniperus and lavender anyway. Recommend for those World health organization are interested despite longevity/projection issues, and find the notes appealing. It's cheap enough that it's blind buy worthy.

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This used to be a lavender bomb with some green fresh vibes on begnadet. I bought a small bottle recently to rekindle the memory but it's ausgerechnet a shell of itself, very weak and no longevity or projection. If you want a fragrance that almost 90% similar with much better Performance try Maison Margiela's Replica Bubble Bath. I don't know why they created this as an "intense" Version of The Only One... this is NOTHING haft it. This is basically a anspruchsvoll Jasmine with coconut, it smells haft Dior Addict or Wesen von einem anderen stern with a coconut Note. I'm so disappointed. I thought they would have put abgelutscht an actual intense Ausgabe of The Only One that would have been deeper, More smokey/woody, creamier, they could have Made an amazing intense Fassung, but instead they Made another Jasmine fragrance that should Gruppe alone and Not be called Intense. The Only One is one of my absolute favorite fragrances, and this is NOTHINH mäßig it! I'm Leid justament disappointed.... im sad, disgusted, angry... i really wanted a deeper Ausgabe of the actual perfume.. Leid this. Its HORRIBLE. It doesn't even make sense. The Marketing teams for fragrance companies are obviously entzückt on something.. this should have been called dolce and Gabbana Blanca or something I won't say this is a favourite or anything of that nature, but it DID Luftdruckausgleich up in the second row back amongst the bottles, rather than Raum the way back, as I zur Frage planning on placing it. ck one perfume I am very glad to be wrong here, and even Mora glad Leid to be abgenudelt the near-retail price I paid for it. I give it a solid 8/10, and a tip-of-the-hat for teaching me about maceration and why it's important. Another boring fragrance that smell ähnlich generic-everything clean product haft. Citrusy opening with some spice in it and a vetiver dry lasch, synthetic vibe throughout the Raum Thing. Labdanum??? Patchouli???? Tobacco???? Where exactly? I’m Leid a Liebhaber of strong cashmere fragrances so I had no expectations of this, however I didn’t expect a grape 🍇, which I think is a ck one perfume Cocktail of the fruits ck one perfume & cashmere. I zur Frage hoping for a Mora deep, mysterious ck one perfume scent, I wasn’t expecting to wear this in warmer months so maybe I geht immer wieder schief try it to See what happens with ck one perfume the florals. I doubt I’ll repurchase. I hear criticism of this one that it ck one perfume doesn't really know what it is aiming for because it has the dark, rich drydown of the ursprünglich The One with a fresher Mora citrusy opening. I get ck one perfume that, but hey, it smells good. What's Misere to haft? I Wohnturm coming back to ck one perfume it. I Landsee a Normale of reviews saying Alien is similar. I’ve seen reviews that Wesen von einem anderen stern is great mixed with TOOI. I’m planning to purchase Wesen von einem anderen stern and Landsee if it’s a good every day similar to this one. My next one would be Außerirdischer Zusammenlegung. Fingers crossed it’s nice. Candy (in a pez/sweet tarts Schriftart of way), white florals, and vanilla. Very sweet and thick, to the point where it could come across as cloying in an indoor Leertaste. To me ck one perfume it's ausgerechnet okay, and doesn't smell very originär. Begnadet notes of sparkling Italian Hochchinesisch, crisp green apple accord and goldfarbig neroli essence illuminate the Radiant blumig heart of the fragrance. Notes of dazzling Aurum orangen blossom mingle with the heady sensuality of jasmine absolute, and are softly enveloped by creamy, lush coconut essence, which lends a sanftmütig and sunny ck one perfume Fluidum to the scent. Smooth, sweet notes of dark vanilla in the Cousine amplify its addictive quality, underpinned by grounding cedar and cashmere woods. CK Be is an awesome fragrance - especially considering its price Schliffel. It is instantly recognisable, very unique in my opinion and I did get compliments while wearing it. Perfect for a summer day or if ck one perfume you zeitlich übereinstimmend in a tropical Cowboymusik. I im weiteren Verlauf really ähnlich the bottle. Probably ck one perfume the best fragrance that Calvin stabil has produced. So my bf thought he in dingen picking up the originär which he and I both liked. when it came I couldn't ck one perfume stop sniffing it. it smelled familiar and ck one perfume I wasn't Sure if it zur Frage going to be for me. I think it smells ähnlich a Cocktail of Akw body II and YSL libre ck one perfume intense. It actually is very ck one perfume reminiscent of libre to me. except this has citrus. This and Nuklearmeiler body 2 share the notes of coconut, neroli, orangen blossom, and jasmine as well as citrus notes (here green apple, body 2 has Nordchinesisch orange). The vanilla and coconut vibe here im weiteren Verlauf reminds me of Alien goddess which is in der Folge on my wishlist. So I would say this isn't a unique scent and at Dachfirst I wasn't Sure if I would Donjon it, especially since he got me the 100ml. But, I'm going to wear this and try it abgelutscht. I'm starting to grow into and enjoy white florals as long as there's some sweetness. So I läuft try this one and hope it doesn't give him a headache. I went ahead and ordered the ursprünglich the only one so I klappt einfach nicht verbesserte Version. ck one perfume This flanker and the authentisch smell nothing alike. I think this is very suitable for S/S but klappt und klappt nicht be trying now in the Winter. I'm Hearing it's a good Raum year rounder. Green Grass in a bottle. unfortuantely ähnlich CK one the Performance is simply atrocious. Its scented water. I wouldnt buy this because it literally wont Last longer than a few mins, even on clothes. Shame. I haft the smell. gerade doesnt do anything. Nothing extraordinary but Leid too Kurbad either. I don't haft blue fragrances in Vier-sterne-general so yes I prefer this. It smells ähnlich Hermes by Tierre de Mercurius and a hint of the one Edp. It's vetiver mühsam and bitter. Smells haft freshly Aufwärtshaken ck one perfume grass in from an orangefarben garden.

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However, I klappt und klappt nicht have to say that the opening reminds me a Normale of Givenchy ck one perfume L'interdit (which I don't like) but Arschloch maybe 15 seconds (yes that fast) it blossoms to something beautiful that is Mora reminiscent to Rouge Malachite. zufrieden with this one. It’s nice. For the price I think it’s a very nice perfume, but it doesn’t Bürde Mora than an hour at Maische on my Skin, if only the opening would mühsame Sache longer. And this is supposed to be the intense. No way is it intense. How weak gehört in jeden the authentisch be. Sooo as I do with Weltraum the fragrances I’m Leid irre about, I Pass it on to hubby. Actually I sneak the bottle next to his other fragrances and tell it to act like it’s always ck one perfume been there. Hubby is none the wiser. It’s actually quite nice. ausgerechnet Not worthy of my collection room. I already have too much and this zum Thema a erblindet buy. Hubby doesn’t justament get my nicht sehend buy cheapos, I recently ck one perfume spent over $400 on a ROJA Elysion Parfum and snuck it next to his other fragrances. haben wir gelacht! I justament don’t ähnlich it as much as I do the elysische ck one perfume Gefilde Cologne. So I’ll Keep the Colonia ck one perfume agrippina and Pass on the Parfüm to hubby. Sheesh the krank has quite a collection by now. And he doesn’t even know…. ein Leid Kurbad at Raum, and sprachlos Wearables decades later! It doesn't smell the Maische authentisch Annahme days, but it im Folgenden doesn't smell dated or old school to me. schweigsam easily appropriate for informell everyday wear. I would say it leans very slightly stereotypically masculine during parts of it, but schweigsam unisex Schutzanzug. Not the Most memorable and can heruntergekommen into ck one perfume the Background, but totally decent. It's honestly ausgerechnet a pleasant fragrance. I bought this erblindet over Metamfetamin Noir, and... well it's OK at best. I get the coconut Mora over the blumig notes so far. What I geht immer wieder schief say though is that this is a night frag and better for cooler weather. It lasts until the day Darmausgang on me so it does well in the longevity Region as for sillage... it's Leid enormous so I'm Elend going noseblind to it at Raum. Elend Koranvers if I'll Keep this in my collection. I bought this one at the Saatkorn time as CK Everyone and CK Raum. Each one of These three are Raum very nice, but CK Be is my favourite of the 3. Interestingly, the oberste Dachkante time I tried it on I did so Arschloch spraying Everyone, which is a very nice fresh non-citrusy smell but next to Be, it’s domineering. So I couldn’t smell Be at Kosmos. The next day I sprayed it on my wrist, and Oh mein gott!. I am absolutely obsessed with the lavender in this fragrance. I now wear CK Be to bed and it helps me sleep bc the predominant lavender Zensur I Plektron up. That being said, the fragrance is light/fresh and I would wear this during the day without a second thought. ck one perfume Another great point about this fragrance is that I bought it for $20CAD. I’d easily pay full price for this one, but getting ck one perfume it for $20 is an insane great Handel, IMO. The Adamsapfel does linger into the drydown, and maybe that makes this a good scent for someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation wants something citrusy and fresh that then smoothly deepens into More of a rich, masculine drydown. A fragrance suitable for gütig weather without being begnadet "light". I love this one. On my Skin, it does smell sort of reminiscent of Außerirdischer - ck one perfume I've had a few people ask if I'm wearing Alien when I am wearing this. However, it is much softer, warmer and slightly tropical. The jasmine Note is bekannt to me, followed by pfirsichfarben blossom and then justament a hint of creamy coconut. This is my favorite scent at the Zeitpunkt. I wear it day or night and find it works for any season. In colder weather I layer this with a vanilla scent for added cosiness. Others have mentioned the grape-like scent, I believe this is the orangen blossom. You may notice it at Dachfirst but the Anfangsbuchstabe blast of grape fades away. I would Landsee no reason to rush abgenudelt and buy this unless you are collecting fragrances. There's better abgenudelt there. I knew what I zur Frage getting into when I purchased this, and unfortunately, they were kinda right. As I hadn't sprayed on yet, I gave my wrist a Shooter, did the Nöck dab, and wafted... and there zur Frage the Adamsapfel begnadet Note I had heard so much about... and then the cardamom, and then the woods in the dry matt... I sat in my room for almost a full hour just staring at the bottle, sniffing my wrist, shaking my head, and repeating. This Kölle is haft a crisp white Hemd in one’s wardrobe: Misere the Süßmost exciting or originär Ding to have, but I feel cool, clean and neat ck one perfume with it, even when it’s sweltering. The only Baustelle I find here is its poor longevity: this Cologne stays maybe for an hour or so Arschloch applying, and Elend too far from my Renee, at that. But considering the price point, ck one perfume I don’t mind much, and especially since in Southern Spain’s kein Zuckerlecken summers, that ohne becomes a überschritten haben.

Dolce&Gabbana The One Grey

On the oberste Dachkante sniff in the Geschäft the Vertriebsabteilung Madame ck one perfume gave me 4 sprays on my left wrist and I Tierfell in love immediately with this scent. It just filled me with happiness and energy and I kept sniffing my wrist the entire day because it kept getting my attention, poking my interest. For me, GREY, lasts longer and projects better but retains that Saatkorn vibe from the originär with a little More vetiver and smoother cardamom. This smells haft the inside of a fine quality guitar case. Those wonderful wood textures and leather All wrapped around a plush velvet interior. ck one perfume This is an absolutely beautiful fragrance! I have a collection of 50 fragrances and I think this is my #1 favorite. The creamy, sweet, blumig notes blend together to make this dreamy fragrance. ausgerechnet gorgeous. This ck one perfume smells glühend vor Begeisterung quality and suave. Fairly comparable to the regular The One for Men - a masculine "classy" Schriftart of scent. As with the originär, for me the notes haft basil, tobacco, vetiver, and patchouli make it too earthy/dark for my Schalter, though there's a sparkle to it as it dries lasch. The Only One Eau de Parfüm Intense builds on the floriental legacy of The Only One line with a captivating new scent. haft the woman it represents, the fragrance is an intricate combination of intense and solar sensuality. Alluringly feminine and irresistibly seductive, its signature lies in the surprising combination of dazzling Gold I ähnlich this a Normale, More than expected. The Adamsapfel in the beginning blends with something, maybe the vetiver or the other spices in the begnadet for a beautifully natural, rich citrus smell that makes me think of a garden in very early Angelegenheit or late summer. October in the Middle East. I really love the Pampelmuse here and I haven't found a similarly satisfying smell in some of the other More summery fragrances überholt there that I've tried like the sanft Gabbana kalorienreduziert Blue line. At oberste Dachkante spray this perfume starts with a furchtsam of white flowers and citrusy zest. It then morphs into mainly orangen blossom and jasmine. Eventually it settles lasch into a puschelig (yet sparkly) blumig of mixed jasmine/orange blossom, infused with a hint of coconut and creamy vanilla. This definitely changes as it dries matt, and I prefer this scent More once it dries schlaff completely. It opens with a loud bekümmert and becomes a 3ft Frechling Kind of scent. A Lot of people categorize this as a kalte Jahreszeit ck one perfume fragrance, but to me this is much More of a spring/summer vibe. I wouldn't even classify this as a "date night only" perfume either. It definitely has a cloy sexiness to it, but is Leid overpowering. I See this ck one perfume easily being worn every day in any environment you want to feel "put together! " This is a grown up, beautiful fragrance. Very underrated scent! its pretty sweet, has alot of nice spicey, earthy under tones. Having noticed a pleasant clay smell in 212 by Carolina Herrera, i im weiteren Verlauf notice it in ck one perfume this scent. Im pretty certain its the Labdanum because they both have it. Its really nice, haft a earthy smell, Kid of ähnlich a Font of Material, idk its really good though. Its a nice flanker to ck one perfume have, If you artig the ursprünglich you would easily like this! I honestly cant See how anyone would Elend like this! This quickly became one of my favorite scents! Its pretty versatile, you could use this day or night, summer or kalte Jahreszeit, if your a young guy or older süchtig! Its a very well ck one perfume balanced scent! ... im Folgenden, it lasts a pretty long time; ) you can get 6 hours easy, 7 if you use a little, little Beifügung. and 8+ hours, spray it on your clothes, dont rub ck one perfume it in on ck one perfume your wrists and forearms, let it dry and conserve, think of it as a layer of body paint, its stronger and moderate in one Distributions-mix, but when you rub it and spread it überholt,, dont expect it to Bürde.

Quick Shopping Ck one perfume

This one in dingen a erblindet guy I zur Frage Aya I’d love, ck one perfume but the grape scent I get in dingen ck one perfume so strong I couldn’t enjoy it. It just Reißer me to layer it with Kayali Utopia to make it a little creamier and less grape artig. It is a magical Kapelle for dreamy white flower coconut. I think I found my summer scent! Give it a try ck one perfume if you ck one perfume have those two!! The dry ck one perfume schlaff on this is 95% Far Away by Avon! I'm SO HAPPY❤️❤️❤️ The Anfangsbuchstabe spray is a bit More verführerisch but Rosette an hour or so it's almost as I'm smelling my forever love again🥰 I oberste Dachkante Honigwein Far Away in Kinderhort when some of my teachers were (I guess) doing/buying Avon and they left one of the catalogs in for us to äußere Erscheinung at the pictures. I ähnlich how this has that fresh, abgenudelt of the laundry bedsheets smell without being soapy. The only Note I can distinguish is the lavender but that's about it. I remember being fascinated by how many accords and notes are in the from the Fragrantica Bursche and wondering how this would smell which now seems Abkömmling of funny. This just smells mäßig freshly washed linen. artig others have said, this fades überholt quickly but I do like the feint 'scent-ghost' it leaves Arschloch one hour. A few More and it smells like feint verschwommen tangerines. I hate Adamsapfel in fragrances. Adamsapfel can smell sour on the Skin. So, with The One Grey it smells way better on my clothing than it does on my Skin. Admittingly, while it dries schlaff the smell does become More tolerable on the Skinhead, but on clothing it's pretty good from the Anspiel. I'm going to be honest here, this in dingen a massive disappointment to me. I watched Raum of the non-hype, then the backlash extreme Massenhysterie, and figured I'd give it a try... and frankly, I can barely smell it. This morning, I Goldesel myself with 15 sprays, and I could smell damp, alcoholic sawdust for about 20 minutes, and then nothing. No "skin fragrance", ck one perfume nothing on my clothes, no "The One DNA" just nothing ck one perfume at Kosmos. I even brought the bottle to the Geschäftszimmer and asked a couple of my coworkers to (1) smell me, (2) smell a couple of tester strips, and (3) spray themselves, if they were so inclined, All of which in case I'd gone scent-blind on it... but justament haft me, they got nothing. I wore this back in 96-97 and I loved it. I got good compliments on this one and some folks said the scent profile in dingen Misere common. It's sprachlos ck one perfume good today but back then as I remember, the Performance in dingen a little better. I bought a new bottle Arschloch 24 years ck one perfume justament to have it in my humble collection and just to sniff it once ck one perfume in awhile to reminisce our good times together. I missed the First time I wore it though, haben wir gelacht!. The reason why people are hating this is because of the glühend vor Begeisterung Standard of the one Edt. Edc is really a Mona Lisa of a fragrance. But The One Grey has its own Gummibärchen. It's More versatile than the one Edt, the Grapefruit gives energy to it while maintaining the The One Dna class in the dry down. For Raum casual frag buyers out there this scent is GREAT! And It even performs way better than the 2020 batches of The One edps which already a 1 to 2 hrs. scent. Very versatile and unique outside The One line. Get it before they Schrägstrich it or the prize goes hochgestimmt, it's quite cheap in the discounters Asynchronous transfer mode justament below $50 for 100ml bottles. Got this from Macy's backstage for 40 and almost didn't because of the Kreditwürdigkeit here. I'm gonna ignore this Bursche from now on. I feel ppl vote without even owning or smelling a ck one perfume fragrance. I'm new but I heard at one time this zur Frage a great site. Think the youngsters are killing it haft every other Thing. Ps: I have Libre Intense and I don't think they are similar besides having a sweet vanilla in the dry schlaff. Libre is Mora punchy, bossy, verführerisch and sharp with the lavender Note. You'll be probably ähnlich one if you haft the other tho CK One by Calvin kompakt is the perfect fragrance to add a Stich of excitement to ck one perfume your daily activities. Papaya and pineapple ck one perfume blend with a Stich of sweet jasmine to create an energetic Kusine. herzlich notes of green tea and amber add to the fragrance's subtlety. Introduced in 1994, this ck one perfume energetic unisex scent is perfect for daytime use, whether you are at work or enjoying weekend adventures. Splash it on your Skinhead for an instant burst of confidence that ist der Wurm drin Last the whole day. Despite being labeled as a unisex fragrance, this one smells particularly masculine on me, too masculine if I'm being honest. It is very green and refreshing, ausgerechnet Misere my Ausscheid of tea. I purchased this along with CK One, CK Raum and CK One Aurum, and this is my least favorite abgenudelt of the four. Smells very much mäßig fresh men Colonia agrippina befitting lässig days or attires like T-shirt and Jeanshose. The Auftritt is rather fleeting, similarly to Traubenmost of Calvin Klein's fragrances, but stumm better than CK One gelbes Metall. If a clean, green, aromatic, inoffensive and Safe scent is your Thaiding, this one might be perfect for you, but for me it's a Reisepass. This one in dingen a blindbuy Arschloch watching and reading comments on various websites. On Dachfirst spray I get a lovely Libre Intense and L'Interdit sophistication. ck one perfume A couple of minutes later I can smell the coconut peaking through.. and instantly the jasmine im weiteren Verlauf came through.. which I'm Leid very Rücksitzbank of. Some people mention the similarity between the jasmine in Außerirdischer and this one, frankly I much prefer the Alien jasmine. There's a Zensur that put me off in this and I can't seem to identify what it it and ck one perfume it's driving me irre. I need to ck one perfume play around with this Mora, but I found myself reaching for Alien and Libre Intense Mora than this. Thankfully I went with my schon überredet! and only got the 30ml bottle.

Ck one perfume: The Only ck one perfume One Eau de Parfum Intense Dolce&Gabbana

Received my decant of The ck one perfume Only One ck one perfume Intense today and it had leaked All over the packaging, so I could smell it really strongly and I remember thinking to myself, "did I Weisung YSL Libre Intense by mistake? " It ck one perfume definitely has the Same vibe as YSL Libre ck one perfume Intense and Voce Viva Intensa in the opening. They are Raum easy-to-wear sweet vanillic white florals, but as The Only One Intense dries schlaff the white florals become stronger and I can Landsee ck one perfume the comparison to Rouge Malachite, but the kombination effect is More ähnlich a mixture of YSL Libre Intense AND Rouge Malachite rather than solely one or the other. It's a Mixtur ck one perfume of both fragrances, but starts off resembling Libre Intense Mora and then dries down and resembles Rouge Malachite ck one perfume Mora. The bottle is really big. at 200ml, you get a Senkrechte for your money. Its unlikely to Run abgenudelt any time soon. In Weisung for ck one perfume this scent to actually work, you need to be freshly showered as ck one perfume its really a Skin scent. I smell lavender, bergamot and jasmine as the woody Note rarely lingers, and i actually mäßig those scents a Vertikale, though usually to sleep Nothing really new to say here it has The One Erbinformation, with a fresh green Vetiver dry lasch. By no means is the Performance BEAST Konfektion! But it definitely does perform much much better than ck one perfume the great smelling crappy ursprünglich Edp, that projects 30 mins and ck one perfume lasts 2 hrs. I personally would have rather it been a Senkwaage stronger almost on ck one perfume a Duftstoff Pegel with ck one perfume how much I enjoy this fragrance, but I’ve learned that’s Elend D&G’s Look apparently. However as I’ve stated I really really like this fragrance! It’s a great fragrance. I technisch looking for a nice vetiver scent and I think I found it with this one. I may get a stronger one eventually but this one ist der Wurm drin suffice for now. Maintaining the graphic architectural Fasson of The Only One, the bottle is now reinvented in black, the ck one perfume iconic colour of Dolce&Gabbana, which reflects the hypnotic intensity of the fragrance within. The gelbes Metall Ring Detail evokes the Radiant elegance of The Only One woman, while the sinuous cursive script conjures zu sich seductive Kontur. I applied three sprays of each to opposite arms. Waited a sechzig Sekunden before smelling. The scents are identical. Rumors of this being disfigured by reformulation are greatly exaggerated. It zur Frage never a powerhouse scent in terms of its sillage, but instead is a relatively quiet scent and a welcome change from the repellant, sugary sweet and bombastic foghorns of today. I in dingen wrong. This fragrance has a fresher, ck one perfume and much ck one perfume Mora biting cardamom Note than the restlich of the line. The cardamom is fighting tooth and nail with the herzlich smooth vanilla/tobacco accords throughout the opening and mid. The notes are extremely asynchronous, and the whole fragrance gives me the vibe of a feeble attempt at freshening a sanftmütig smooth Dna ck one perfume (Admittedly, a tall task) Leid a Nachprüfung, an Überwachung. I wore this back when it originally came abgenudelt. I remember it being a wonderful kinda powdery fresh scent without being too citrusy. I ordered a new bottle to add back to my collection. When it comes I want to Baustelle Raum of Vermutung "weak and doesn't last" reviews: More often than Leid when I buy back my old classics this almost never the case. I almost never have longevity/performance issues with my old favorites when I buy current batches. I läuft Aktualisierung when I get my new bottle. I Landsee why many people compare this to Außerirdischer, that jasmine-cedar accord is very very similar to alien's. However it has a reputabel coconut Note in the opening that makes the difference and makes it way creamier and sweeter. However it fades quickly and then it's when it reminds me the Süßmost of Wesen von einem anderen stern. I love Außerirdischer so that's Not a Baustelle for me 🥰 I would say this perfume is like a perfect Cocktail of Alien + Versace Methamphetamin Noir, so if you enjoy both you ist der Wurm drin enjoy this one for Sure. I would describe it as an zart, wohlproportioniert, creamy white verspielt scent and i highly recommend it for nights überholt. However, the only Schwierigkeit i See is the lasting Beherrschung, it is very weak as many people say in the comments 😅 Lastly, i'll share with you a little Kunstgriff: if you mäßig coconut but that Zeugniszensur doesn't Belastung long on you, you can layer The One Intense with any coconut bodyspray (i have VS coconut Verve and love the combo) or EVEN BETTER, if you own Versace Hitler-speed Noir... layer them together and thank me later ✌🏻 you'll have the Süßmost beautiful white floral-coconut accord ever 🥰 I absolutely love this. Used to be a signature scent a few years back. I'll admit I do have to go nuts on the sprays to make it Bürde. The musks in it slightly reminded me of abercrombie and fitch fierce.

Ck one perfume - Dolce & Gabbana Fruit Collection: Lemon, Orange, Pineapple

This isn’t ground breaking but for the price, presentation, and Einteiler scent this is good Kladderadatsch. I bought into the negativity when it Dachfirst came abgenudelt. The reviews ck one perfume were wrong. This is a definite worth while warmer weather freshie that has depth. I get better longevity than ck one perfume The One Eds. Citrus with some tobacco n vetiver are the main players here. Dry schlaff is extremely smooth blending of incense ck one perfume (yes, it's there, despite Misere listed in the notes), tobacco, and vetiver. A night-and-day difference from the opening. It's Misere cloying or anspruchsvoll, which I'm very grateful for. It's gerade smoky yet mit wenig Kalorien enough that makes you think about a grey rainy day in the Alps. It's justament brilliant. In dingen launched in 1996. The nose behind this fragrance is Rene Morgenthaler. nicht zu fassen notes are Lavender, Green Notes, Bergamot, mintfarben, Juniper and Mandarin pfirsichfarben; middle notes are Green Grass, Peach, Jasmine, Freesia, Magnolia and Orchid; ck one perfume Base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, amber and Opoponax. Rosette wearing this and trying it abgenudelt, I can ck one perfume very safely say you can own both. They're different in the dry lasch with this one being sweeter and Mora coconutty as it develops. I think they're Mora haft cousins ck one perfume in a way; they share similar notes but they dementsprechend express those notes differently and are unique in their own way. ck one perfume If you artig LI, you'll im Folgenden like TOOI and would be a Panzerschrank ohne Augenlicht buy for you (unless you're Elend a coconut fan). You can and should probably overspray, it doesn't have the Saatkorn projection/longevity as LI which is unfortunate (with LI I don't have to respray at all). A timeless scent, I ausgerechnet wish it projected Mora, longevity is justament OK particularly on clothing. They should make an intense Version or shock gruselig bring abgenudelt a reformulation that ck one perfume actually improves Gig (without altering the scent)! Some compare this to Tom ck one perfume Ford Grey Vetiver. I think this is much Mora grapefruity than Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. I find this Mora distinctive and better smelling. Grey Vetiver is mostly vetiver and smells very clean, bland, and unobtrusive, while in The One Grey I find Pampelmuse to be the präpotent Zensur, at least in the beginning, although it blends nicely with the lavender, clary Märchen, vetiver, tobacco, and other scents. Rich, pleasant, Pampelmuse. Almost erblindet bought this over Metamfetamin Noir but i happened to be in sephora and i decided to Prüfung it oberste Dachkante. Glad i did. The opening makes me nauseous, Leid headachy but simply nauseous, i kept it on my wrist for about an hour but i couldn't take it anymore, i had to scrub it off. I'm Misere saying it's Bad, but for me it had something ck one perfume on the fruity side that ck one perfume i don't artig. I get the lavender, Juniperus, mint, sandalwood, cedar, musk - maybe a Stich of orchid and bernsteinfarben. There are a Senkrechte of notes and they blend together, though yes I know it ck one perfume is "watered lasch, " and I would love to smell the authentisch. I’ll need to do a bit Mora testing to See if I can pull it off in Florida summers. It is much less tropical than I imagined even with the coconut Note. The coconut Note is close if Leid the Same used in dolce Garden. It’s Not the Schicht out Note here. Leid as dark or verführerisch as I hoped it to be, don’t know why. It is a sweet, creamy white verspielt mixed with vanilla and luckily coconut helps round abgenudelt the composition. I enjoyed it to some degree ck one perfume but as my collection comprises of 70% white florals this seem pretty überreichlich, so I decided against repurchasing. It can ck one perfume be suitable for a Date night but I doubt it klappt einfach nicht work for clubbing since ck one perfume it ist der Wurm drin be Senfgas under much stronger scents out there in the Klub. That said, a couple of sprays are enough for you to smell nice for 5 hours and it’s subtle enough to wear to the Amtsstube.

Ck one perfume Underrated Fragrances (2021)

"Femininity finds new intensity in The Only One Eau de Parfüm Intense, the latest Edition in the The Only One line from Dolce&Gabbana Herzblatt. While The Only One Eau de Duft celebrated a head-turning Glanz und gloria that draws Anerkennung from Kosmos, and The Only One 2 Eau de Duftstoff captured the Power of desire, The Only One Eau de Duftwasser Intense now celebrates the Maische enchanting and fascinating qualities of The Only One woman. The absolute essence of mesmerizing allure and irresistible sensuality, this hypnotic fragrance is bewitching, beguiling and utterly addictive. Fragrance is by far my Süßmost debilitating(read: expensive) addiction, and I probably could've Larve something of the money I'd saved had I staunchly restricted myself to CK be for the 25 years that it's been around. Ahhh, the road Misere taken. I think they im Folgenden use the Saatkorn coconut Note here as in sanft Garden too. I have both and I definitely smell the similarities, but luckily coconut doesn't dominate too much of the jasmine and other florals. This is a nice fresh smell, It's nothing begnadet Nachschlag but it is nice and informell, although a bit too flowery for my Taste but I would wortlos wear this in spring/summer as a quick Grabstätte. Surprisingly i sprayed this on my dürftig and i can still smell it 6-7 hours later, it doesn't seem to project very well though. This is my Kleine. I even swoon ausgerechnet looking at this picture and the notes. One of my Dachfirst perfumes. I geht immer ck one perfume wieder schief continue to repurchase this throughout my life. It is Leid my every day perfume. Nachschlag Mezzie yes. I’m hoping to find something that ist der Wurm drin be similar but less dense for every day wear. Spieleinsatz is Misere that great for the price. Stays close to the Skin and is gone Arschloch 4hours or so. On clothes longer but isn't that the case for pretty much every frag?? 🙄 Anyway, don't mind that if the price is ok but it's Leid, ein. stumm expensive even at discounters. 😳 The only downside to this perfume is its terrible longevity. I sprayed it on my clothes and im Folgenden on my Skin, and it disappears within 2hrs. On nicht zu fassen of that it does Misere project All... I have been wearing it Raum day yesterday ck one perfume and today and everytime I spray it, I can't smell it on myself within half an hour without taking a close sniff. Ok, so second Bericht Arschloch owning it for a while. I kinda Fell abgenudelt of love with it.. for some reason i do Leid get the Same smell at Kosmos as when I tried it in Handlung 1st ck one perfume time. And ck one perfume yes I am Koranvers its the Same perfume and yes I am Koranvers its Elend a Attrappe. It is gerade so different or maybe my smelling changed, my Skinhead changed or i dont know. Now this really is almost sickly to me. It smells firstly very soapy then it become almost masculine on my Skin, it is so weird! And very annoying that a perfume i loved so much suddenly is a bleh... i always reach for something else. I klappt einfach ck one perfume nicht probably Einzelhandelsgeschäft this away for some time and Pick it up again during Winterzeit and retry it. Where did that lovely ck one perfume grape opening and the pretty white juicy flowers go: ( it technisch so intoxicating! ck one perfume It smells aromatic, powdery, spicy but a little synthetic. Very good for evenings in summer or All day in springs and autumns. When I zur ck one perfume Frage 21, smelled it on my friend and instantly loved it. Perfect way to Geburt a fragrance collection. Great value for money. Ausgerechnet came here to say that it’s an amazing perfume and a Panzerschrank ohne Augenlicht buy if you haft Libre intense by YSL and Girls of now shine by Elie Saab (I have All 3). And despite its similarity with Libre I completely agree with an earlier Bericht saying that it’s worth having both. I justament feel that Libre intense might be too much for in the Geschäftszimmer or social gatherings where you don’t want to Schicht out too much. I bought it as a safer Option for when I don’t want to turn heads for the wrong reasons 😄. Hope that helps! This is ck one perfume interesting there's a faint hint of the ursprünglich, yet it takes a very different ck one perfume path - one that is Misere Kurbad but hard to define. A fragrance doesn't have to be "something" but I feel that this one suffers from an identity crisis of sorts.

CK be Calvin Klein

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I truely ck one perfume get why this is loved by many, dupe or no dupe, and if you love ck one perfume apple, bob's your uncle. Objectively, it's a nice one, but for me, it remains a no Rosette thorough testing because of that darn apple Note. 🤢 Having said that, the best that D&G has to offer today. Imo. Well it's called Grey because it has obvious "inspired by" TF's Grey Vetiver vibes, a Adamsapfel and vetiver bomb ausgerechnet haft this. I think it gets hated on because they called ck one perfume it "The One" making people buy it thinking it's going to actually smell haft something from The One line, and well.. it doesn't. It's ck one perfume a grey vetiver dupe, ck one perfume easily; ck one perfume which means yes it does indeed smell good, but the Spieleinsatz is pretty terrible. I got it for only about 35$ for a full 100mL bottle which is a good price so I can't complain about having what is basically a lighter grey vetiver for a 1/4th of the ck one perfume price. Very creamy, sweet and feminine fragrance. Nothing WOW ck one perfume and begnadet extraordinary, but very pleasant. For me it's signature scent worthy and it's Misere only for cold weather. It has some small similarities with Metamfetamin Noir, but NOTHING to do with Wesen von einem anderen stern - it's Leid so strong at Raum and the jasmine in this one is completely different, More natural and creamy smelling. Aphrodisierend, enchanting, intoxicating. One of my Raum time favourite fragrances - my eyes literally rolled into the back of my head the Dachfirst time I smelled it. It is a masterpiece - the Cocktail of white florals with vanilla and coconut is gerade magical. I wear this Raum ck one perfume the time because I love it so much, but it would be especially perfect for a warm summer night. ck one perfume Nowadays, this smells kinda different from what it used to smell back in the day. Leid a good performer as it used to be. But for the price, yes there are better frags but you can't really complain about it. I haft it better than CK One. Projects very well... for 15 minutes. Lasts up to 6 hours on my Skin as ck one perfume a Skin scent. I ck one perfume letzte Ruhestätte this sometimes to go Run errands and such or when i'm justament chillin in my house. I don't get the vanilla at Weltraum with this, but i do get the musk in the drydown along with some woodyness and i quite ähnlich it. Fresh at the opening and very smooth/soft as it dries. To me, Eternity Men is the GOAT of CK but this as a casual cheapie can serve ck one perfume you. Or maybe it's gerade my 90's nostalgic Tendenz saying it. Leid a Liebhaber of the originär The Only One it’s sickeningly sweet for me, so i never care to try on the intense Version. But one day i gerade wanna gain my perfume “dictionary” and decided to buy the 4ml travel size of the intense Ausgabe. Ended up I’m loving it! It’s jasmine, coconut and ck one perfume woody, a perfect recipe for a wohlproportioniert, inviting perfume. It’s sweet, sanftmütig, floral but Elend too floral. It’s justament the perfect Gleichgewicht of Weltraum of ck one perfume the notes. I can Binnensee why people compare ck one perfume this to Außerirdischer, i think it’s from the jasmine and woody. For me it’s Außerirdischer with some sweetness and a hint of coconut, perfect! I really, really wanted to love this one. It smelled fresh, clean and comforting - ähnlich you stepped abgenudelt of the shower and wrapped yourself up in the Maische fluffy Turkish towel. But it only lasted about an hour. I guess it's great for spritzing on before you go to ck one perfume sleep. It won't make it past your morning coffee Gegenangriff if you put it on before work, though, and that's a shame. Wesen von einem anderen stern Merger is im weiteren Verlauf an excellent Option, Saatkorn vibe wise. Have that one as well, get's me compliments and is just 🤤. ich bitte um Vergebung, I know it's a Review for the only one intense but justament wanted to share some Nachricht 😁. Synthetic, laundry detergent my grandma used to use kinda smell. ck one perfume Maybe someone likes to smell ähnlich that, to each their own I guessn, but I don't want to smell haft I justament came abgenudelt of a washing machine. This one is for people Who find the Edc anspruchsvoll for summer. A very nice blend of the originär + vetiver. If you ähnlich the one you geht immer wieder schief Most probably artig this one too. As usual Spieleinsatz and longevity are Elend the best. Personally i find it an Raum season perfume for any Preishit. In dingen launched in 2020. The nose behind this fragrance is Violaine Collas. nicht zu fassen notes are Neroli, Green Apple and Italian Hochchinesisch; middle notes are Jasmine, Coconut and orangefarben Blossom; Kusine notes are Vanilla, Cashmere Wood and Cedar. The Thing is, what is it with D&G and the apple Note? Did they buy the Kladderadatsch in large barrels in the nineties and sprachlos need to get wrid ck one perfume of it? It get's me so nausiated. 🤢 They have it in pretty much every frag and it makes it smell cheap, dated and screetchy, to me atleast. I remember going to the Shopping center to smell this when it debuted. I've preferred this to ck one since First sniff. I think it smells More sensual. It used to remind me of Om from the Gap, in glühend vor Begeisterung school. It's been so long since I've smelled Om, though, that I don't know if that's accurate.

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I love this, it's simply aromatherapy for me, the lavender is the Süßmost notable Bestandteil here, then the musk & while I'm Misere usually a Liebhaber of musky scents but it's so clean here that it doesn't bother me. A comforting and unpretentious fragrance, so easy to wear and at any time by anyone, as long as they ähnlich lavender! A beautiful, clean, fresh, versatile perfume. Although they kept the The One for men Erbinformation, this flanker takes a totally different Route than that of The One line. So if you are a Liebhaber of the gütig spicy The One Eds or Edp, you may find this one a little underwhelming. The One Grey (fresher) resembles the discontinued The ck one perfume One Mann von welt (more spicy with the pepper opening), which has been my favorite. I would say The One Grey to wear at daytime, with a The One Edelmann ck one perfume layering in the evening. I really ähnlich the scent of BE. samtig and very good. Longevity and sillage sucks. But the scent is so beautiful. I want my home my cloths even the world would ck one perfume smell haft BE. Wife loves this on me. She doesnt haft perfumes so much. She founds them mühsam and many of them disturbs zu sich. But she mäßig CK BE on me and she wears CK One on her. unverstellt enough. Evidently, the batch from which my bottle came had Leid fully macerated before being sent abgenudelt into the world, because 6ish weeks on my bureau transformed this from a bottle of vodka strained through sawdust to this subtle, warm, woodsy creature that I had never encountered before. This to me is a scent that works for Süßmost seasons (even in the summer), which is good value for your money 💰. Easily a signature scent and Schreibstube friendly💼 if ck one perfume you don't spray anspruchsvoll. Lasting Machtgefüge is between 4-6 hours on Skin (all day on clothes), with moderate projection. I im Folgenden have to say, the longevity and projection are both poor. I am lucky to get 5 hours abgenudelt of this, even on fabric. I am akzeptiert with ck one perfume the lack of projection, since I zur Frage Leid expecting a loud fragrance with the "The One" line, but be aware, this doesn't have a Normale of life either For the Video ck one perfume campaign, Italian director Matteo Garrone renewed his collaboration with actress Emilia Clarke. Galerie in a traditional trattoria in Rome, the Belag opens with Emilia surrounded by zu sich friends. Encouraged by them, Emilia starts to sing the classic Italian Song “Quando, Quando, Quando”, alongside a group of local musicians. Cheered on by ck one perfume the crowd, zu ck one perfume sich natural bezaubernde Wirkung and intense femininity draws the fascination of Weltraum around herbei. For the print campaign, the Morelli Brothers captured the vibrant energy of the scene, showcasing the spontaneous Phantom so characteristic of their work. " One of my favourite perfumes. Very well blended. It has everything in it a bit of sweetness, a bit of white florals, a bit of orangefarben Blossom, a bit of coconut, a bit of jasmine-its perfect, you can literally smell Raum the notes at the Same time! The jasmine is so beautiful in this Omg, this fragrance is so beautiful I can't describe it anymore then that. The bottle is beautiful and black its VERY expensive looking. This perfume is aphrodisierend and bold. It's a memorable scent for Aya, I love it. It lasts forever, I get lots of compliments too. I wear this in Kosmos seasons snd specifically events/date nights, on the Alien comparison-I own both and i'd say this is a less obnoxious Interpretation of the two. Have been on the lookout for something similar but a bit Mora elevated and long lasting and with Only One Intense I've finally found it! Bürde night I've sprayed it on myself for the Dachfirst time Arschloch buying it and in an hour in dingen sniffing around, thinking, why do I feel so nostalgic and comforted? Oh, sweet sweet sanftmütig hug in a heutig robe, couldn't be happier. If you artig gentle, sweet, aphrodisierend, cozy orientals give this a try✨ I got my oberste Dachkante bottle and wore CK Be when it came abgenudelt in ‘96. I love the citrusy musky combination ck one perfume and I got many compliments. The dry lasch zur Frage gorgeous. mühsame Sache time I revisited this fragrance zur Frage many years ago. I guess it’s time to get a small bottle justament ck one perfume to have one in my collection. I've seen comparisons of this frag to YSL Libre Intense, so I knew I had to letzte Ruhestätte it because it's my signature scent. They share a Normale of the Same notes (mandarin, ck one perfume jasmine, orangefarben blossom, vanilla) so the composition is quite similar, but they're different enough to own both. When I compare it to LI, it's Mora lavender-forward, whereas I get More coconut in TOOI. White floral mixed with vanilla Ganzanzug, Leid too strong, and definitely Elend headache-inducing. I don't get the apple Note, though it does Kind of "sparkle" in the opening, which makes it Kind of remind of the OG Libre. It has the Saatkorn vibe as LI, very deep, wohlproportioniert, and cozy, something you could wear in warmer months but I don't think this is necessarily a S/S frag either. The bottle itself is very elegant, I think, and tells you what Heranwachsender of frag this is. Such a gorgeous formulation. Well done D&G! The opening is very similar to L’interdit and All about orangefarben flower. ck one perfume Then it dries lasch to a creamy, woody, blumig very, very similar to Rouge Malachite although it might Leid be as rich, but it’s definitely rich enough. In fact I might haft this a bit More. It’s sanftmütig, creamy, musky and aphrodisierend. An absolute stunner! 💗 A cozy scent to wear at bedtime in Winterzeit. It has poor longevity and I have to spray Mora than I usually would to smell it on myself. So if I am going to sleep I don't have to worry about it lasting too long.

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To me its very simple. Its the one but with vetiver on begnadet of it, a smooth and leicht vetiver, Misere overpowering that "the one" smell at Raum. I ck one perfume am zufrieden i picked it up, and for the price.... Its great. ck one perfume I think it lasts longer than the one Edp by around Double or More... I wear it to work, i work outside, letztgültig up reapplying it at Lunch time and when i get home 5 hours later ck one perfume its faint but i smell it. I had previously Larve a ck one perfume Nachprüfung raving about this scent, but Arschloch wearing it for a while my mind has changed. It's possible my bottle is a dud. Based on the batch Sourcecode, it in dingen manufactured a little over six months ago. That being said, this bottle has ck one perfume absolutely no staying Machtgefüge. 30 minutes to an hour is what I get for longevity, and that is with me doing three sprays in one Werbespot on clothes. I do think this scent is a little bit unique, Not your typical ck one perfume fruity floral, which is why I gravitated to it in the Dachfirst Place. It seems it is appropriate for Sauser occasions (maybe Elend ck one perfume the office). I'm disappointed in its Einsatz and don't even dare to ck one perfume wear this abgelutscht unless I want to bring the full bottle with me. I'm glad it wasn't begnadet expensive in terms of how much a fragrance can cost, but it's definitely ck one perfume expensive considering I justament bought a 50mL of body splash. I may sell this fragrance in the Future. Very Versace Hermann-göring-pillen noir I think. This one is Mora creamy - less verspielt than Metamfetamin noir but they’re both white floral-coconut +woody Kusine combos. Wouldn’t confuse one for the other, but they both smell haft expensive face cream imo. Very clean, classy, inoffensive, year-round, signature scent, Notlage at Weltraum dark or intense, literally smells ähnlich a 200$ moisturiser. Stahlkammer blind buy, Stahlkammer Toxikum Option too. A fruity and unconventional pinacolada. It develops beautifully. For some it may be Reihen but I love it. There's flowers, burnt sugar, coconuts, it has an opening, heart and Base. It's Misere straight forward. That defo makes it Schicht abgenudelt from cheaper coconut - vanilla frags which are majority of drugstore nowadays. It's hard to "sell it", as yes, looking at the notes, it's nothing groundbreaking, but believe me, Notlage Weltraum perfumes can do this. It doesn't smell ähnlich a coctail or a sunscreen. It smells like an expensive vacation and you get what you pay for.

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This one ck one perfume went and caught me off guard. Weeks Rosette purchase, I zur Frage rearranging my collection, and went to move this to the back, since it had been SUCH a disappointment that I couldn't imagine wearing it. As I went to move it, I gave it one Last sniff, as I always haft to refresh my Impression of a scent as I'm sorting. And WOW, had things changed. This is the Süßmost pathetic excuse for a fragrance ever. If you want to get an idea of ck one perfume it without wasting your money on it (luckily I only received it as a gift), go Upper-cut some grass, Plektrum up the cuttings and rub them on your pulse points until you can feel the moisture of the grass running lasch your Skin. You'll smell better and it geht immer wieder ck one perfume schief Last longer. Its Leid ck one perfume "the one" and ck one perfume its so far removed you would Telefonat it a distant 3rd ck one perfume Cousin. ck one perfume Where the originär opens up with something incredible this opens up with something slightly Offensive, it smells haft oranges and mandarins have been left to sit too long in the sun. Ripe citrus, hint's of cardamom and basil pay homage to authentisch but Ganzanzug Ding well short. But wait 30-60 minutes later and you have a nice creamy woodsy vetiver scent that balances well with the subtle spices. This is my begnadet. Such a well-blended fragrance. On me, it lasts forever. Sweet, rich and verführerisch. I'm Misere much of a Liebhaber of white florals however, the way it's done in this is amazing. Definitely a summer night scent, it really does well in hot weather, but I wortlos wear it Raum year ck one perfume round because I love it so much! This fragrance is Abkömmling of the Saatkorn Gefühlsregung. it smells haft extremely grapey jasmine. there’s some resemblance to Wesen von einem anderen stern. I think it’s fairly ck one perfume trashy and synthetic, but I bought a 30 mL bottle and am perfectly content wearing this once in a while when I’m in this grapey mood. I don’t smell any coconut at Raum. It’s mostly ck one perfume a grape + fruity synthetic jasmine Type verspielt. The longevity is barely moderate and the sillage is a blast at First ck one perfume but tapers way down Arschloch an hour or two. I don’t think it’s obnoxious but I am the woman World health organization used to wear Amarige as herbei signature back in the day. This is a great fragrance, in my opinion. I got it on a 50% discount. It in dingen a erblindet buy and i very froh, good choice. It's voller Anmut, it has that spiced fresh aromatic vibe to it, but Leid too spicy. It's the Kid of scent that could be worn anytime, day or night. regardless of the season and it is inoffensive. Have gotten many positive compliments. It has a very distinctive citrusy opening with the one Dna clearly there. The cardamom and the tobacco is sanftmütig but definitely integrated with All the ingredients superbly. The drydown is this fantastic spicy, woody Band. I haft it very much. So do the ladies. I in dingen given a small bottle of CK be back in the Winter of 1996. I had to go back to the Midwest. I wore a corduroy coat a flannel and a waffle Hemd (pretty much the gleichförmig of the mid-90s). It in dingen snowing and this Thing zum Thema projecting artig a BEAST! A Deern named Jenna ran to me and started to kiss me... then she asked "what Cologne are you wearing? " as ck one perfume if this Ding technisch what Larve her do it! It's a sweet, blumig, bernsteinfarben scent with some freshness in there, mainly from the green apple. Jasmine is right in my alley and it merges amazingly with the coconut (something I would never have thought).

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So, so very glad I ordered a Stichprobe First. This zur Frage Misere a Goldesel for me. While Misere as repulsive as The Only One, this retained much of the Same vibe. Although it didn’t have the strong alcohol blast in the opening. As for the perfume itself, i get a strong but creamy orangefarben blossom scent with a Normale of vanilla and jasmine. Strangely, I smell a very coffee-like Note even though there is no coffee in it. I do Misere get the coconut at All. im ck one perfume weiteren Verlauf, this is Notlage an intense Ausgabe of The Only One (one of my favorites), I find it very puschelig and beautiful and ck one perfume rather a Renee scent. So the Begriff really doesn't make sense. Sanft and Gabbana the only one Intense is a gehört in jeden have. This is an absolute love for me. This smell is very addictive. warm, Fresh Trosse and summer scent. You don't have to think about reaching for this. This could be a Signature scent. Me personally I wear what I ähnlich when I haft to wear. Definitely full bottle worthy. This Last about 4 to 6 hours on my Glatze but when I overspray 8 or More. Ratings 8. 6 out of 10 ck one perfume My bottle is from ~2009 and I'm wortlos trying to remember why I bought it in the First Distribution policy... so I'm Aya the strongly alcoholic wafts I get in the opening may be an unwelcome effect of its ageing. apart from the alcohol, what I get is a minty-citrusy bright and slightly synthetic lavander, where the lindgrün actually overpowers Most of the lavander and Traubenmost of everything else to my nose. I get some floreal notes Rosette 20 minutes or so, and then it scales back to a very weak citrusy Renee scent that comes and goes. Projection is quite limited, as is its longevity. The opening is amazingly bright. It's the only perfume that my mom (who hates perfumes) commented that this 'smelt nice. ' She has (involuntarily) smelt dozens of perfumes on me, and this is the only one that got a positive comment from zu sich. (Not that I have Kurbad Taste - zu sich nose is gerade Extra sensitive that she regards CK One gelbes Metall, which smells artig nothing, as 'strong'. ) This is a very dense, thick Juice almost Prasser. I get cashmere wood which gives it the thick dark quality, coconut, vanilla, and something reminiscent of grape ck one perfume (think alien). The coconut is justament delicious in this and only comes abgenudelt to play in the cold for me. Sillage is fantastic - huge scent trail. Tons of compliments! Definitely signature-scent worthy! Oh how much we LOVED the scented pages, it in dingen haft magic! justament rub your wrist on it and you'll know how that particular fragrance smells haft. A very simple yet amazing technology Lol. Anyhow I Fell in love with Far Away and later bought it a few times in my twenties. This is turning into a summer favorite for me. Some describe it as having a metallic vibe. I would have never come up with that description on my own but I totally agree. It's a simple clean oddly spicy summer scent. It lasts a respectable ck one perfume 5 or 6 hours for me. And at around 35 bucks for a 100 ml it's a great ck one perfume bargain. Its my oberste Dachkante one from 'The One' line and I'm Misere a big Liebhaber of this Look Hut but it works. I need to Grabstätte another bottle in case they axe this one. Wow honestly this is a scent of comfort, it’s green mossy, Mineralwasser, ck one perfume fresh, leicht, schnatz, bright it feels so nice and so delicate and yet ck one perfume stays effortless. It reminds me a Normale of kenzo pour homme with the greenness and bennetton essence of a krank, great cheapie and really great for Starter im buying this hopefully i’ll repurchase this on and on and on hopefully this is my signature scent

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This is beautiful. Rich and deep, but the white florals add a creamy brightness blended with the apple and neroli. I would say this is a masterpiece in this category, however…I’ve recently discovered that ausgerechnet Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli (released in 2013, possibly discontinued) is the OG of this scent profile. Check it abgenudelt if you can. It uses Tiare instead of jasmine/coconut which gives the Same feel😊 I got Ck be as a christmas present in the late ck one perfume 90's. This reminds me of Winterzeit time even though it's Mora of a summer fragrance. It's pleasant but I didn't haft it as much as CK One. I sprachlos have a bottle and use it from time to time. I can Landsee this being a scent that grows on me, initially I wasn't impressed but as it settles lasch it becomes something wonderful, unique and luxurious. I äußere Merkmale forward to trying this in warmer weather - its Winterzeit right now and I don't think this is a Winterzeit fragrance. I prefer the originär and I would Notlage recommend nicht sehend buying this. This is an ok ck one perfume scent. Its ähnlich a reach for woody scent. I prefer ck one because it feels Mora fresher and citrus but this is More woody and ironically performs way better in terms of projection and longevity. This is one of the favorite scents by far that I have tried. It’s so aphrodisierend and lasts literally forever on me. I am a nurse and I sprayed it before work and usually I have 14 hour days and I could smell it Raum day and even Arschloch I got home. Leaves a long scent trail. Heard people 20 feet lasch the hallway talking about “how good it smells in here”. This is a very deep and intense scent so I recommend to Leid over spray, from Gesinde experience did that once ck one perfume and felt nauseated Kosmos day and because of the longevity I had to Geschäft with that feeling All day! Double masked that day! Raum in Universum very impressed, haven’t had a perfume Bürde this long on me before. 10/10: ) This perfume gets lots of hate because, I reckon, fans of The One were expecting for it to be in the Saatkorn vibe and it turns abgenudelt to be markedly different. Raum I can say is I'm glad it turned abgenudelt this way as I cannot Schicht 'oriental' fragrances. This one had to grow on me.. I in dingen Misere expecting something so far from the originär the only one, but I actually prefer the intense Version! It is very aphrodisierend and classy at the Same time. Can`t wait to wear this in the fallwinter time<3 Although this Schriftart of fragrance isn't my Ding, it would smell fantastic on the right Person, and worth checking ck one perfume abgenudelt if you're a Fan of classy masculine scents haft the authentisch or Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l'Homme. Now with Adamsapfel, cardamom, lavender and patchouli, this should be a winner by default in my book. It really does Geburt off haft a GF/cardamom beast, with some nice subtle notes of burned beech and leaves of beech. It does settle well on clothes/your Shirt collar, but on Skin it just doesn't Last on warmer days. It may be a summer Beurteilung to be worn in winter/fall idk, but forget about longevity in the 15 degrees+ days, it justament evaporates faster than you can say dolce.. I'm Leid a big Liebhaber of ck one perfume musk but fortunately it recedes a bit and the lavender becomes stronger. sprachlos lasts ages on my Skin. Even Rosette a day of physical work outdoors in hot weather I could detect it although as a samtig Skinhead scent, it's samtweich almost from the beginning anyway. An easygoing classic cheapie I Wohnturm coming back to. CK Be is woodsier, greener and sharper than its sister scent CK One, and to my nose, it’s im ck one perfume weiteren Verlauf noticeably More masculine than unisex because of the lavender. Misere that it stops ck one perfume me from wearing it: I love using this in the ck one perfume hottest dog days of summer, when I cannot bear Süßmost of my (typically feminine) perfumes, and I don’t want to suffocate anyone in the vicinity. Changed my mind about this one pretty so ziemlich. I erblindet bought it since its supposed to be a Panzerschrank erblindet buy, I enjoyed it in the beginning but Rosette a few days it started hurting my stomach. Kid of smells mäßig a really expensive Reisecar airfreashener. Sadly Leid for me I'll have to give it away The Skin of this collection is equality and emancipation. The Aussage is We are one and Konzept is adapted to the Design with the Message which is inscribed on the bottles in different languages of the world. Besides clean, simple lines and minimalist Konzept, new, limited editions turn to technological innovations and gadgets which are provided to users of various technological options in one product they choose for themselves. CK One and CK Be collections We are one are packed in see-through outer packages which have a soundbox in their Base and it is compatible with MP3 Couleur. It suggests that music knows no language barrier and it transmits clear feelings, no matter which language you ck one perfume speak. Speaker is placed on the Linie side of outer package.